Exotic Beaches of the Bahamas to Visit for a Good Experience

Did you know that the Bahamas consists of nearly 700 islands, of course, the majority of those are uninhabited? Nevertheless, that makes up plenty of tourist destinations for the ones who love the sun, sand and the sea.  When planning your trip to the Bahamas, we urge you to omit the Grand Bahama and other famous beaches here and consider the ones we suggest so done Allegiant Airlines Reservations.

Quite often when going on a vacation, the travel component is as important as the destination. Therefore, we suggest you Allegiant Airlines Flights for comfortable and hassle-free travelling.

  1. The Abacos

In the northern Bahamas, this 120-mile long island chain has a string of islands dividing the man Great Abaco Island and the Little Abaco from the Atlantic. You have four national parks here with parrots, orchids and marine life. The beach experience here is incredible. The clear azure waters, the villages on the coastline, spectacular reef system and virgin forests are a delight to experience.

  1. Cat Island

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the outer island cluster of the Bahamas. Not a crowded place and that is what you want your ideal beach destination to be like. In the tranquility of the sand and the waves, it is just a perfect setting for a great holiday. You have here is a pink sandy beach. Apart from soaking the sun on the beach, you can visit churches, plantation ruins and old buildings around the area.

  1. Andros

The largest Island of the cluster and is the least populated as well. You can buy a few souvenirs here for family and friends. Waterproof baskets made of straw, batik and other crafts will draw your attention.  Dive near the world’s second largest coral reef of the Western Hemisphere and try bone-fishing too. It is called the bone-fishing capital here. The perfect white sand and the swaying palms will make your time spend here worthwhile.

The Bahamas, we all know is the place to unwind and chill, away from the daily work routine. While making your travel plans, timely booking of flights makes you eligible for Allegiant Airlines Deals. Try it.

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