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Canada has a number of gorgeous lakes that are famous for their turquoise colored water and most of them are surrounded by eye-catching mountain peaks and these are the special attractions for tourists. Some of these lakes in Canada are indisputably dazzling paving their way through the lofty mountains. So, in case you are planning your vacation or if you have booked Allegiant Airlines Flights already, mentioned below are some of the most gorgeous lakes in Canada.

Wedge mount Lake: Located in British Columbia, Canada this lake is covered by two glaciers, the Armchair and the Wedge mount. The unbelievable turquoise waters of Wedge mount Lake are bounded by some of the most eye-catching scenery and it is a great place for overnight star spotting.

Moraine Lake: It is a glacial-fed lake situated in Banff National Park, Alberta. Moraine Lake is well-known for its blue color and the wonderful surroundings with snowy peaks, high mountains etc. Most hiking tracks are also packed down by tourists from all around the world making it one of the most popular natural attractions in Banff National Park.

Lake Louise, Alberta: This Lake is known for its emerald green water and surrounded by extravagant mountains. A tour to Lake Louise means that you can trek one of the many trails that encircle the lake, and it is located only five kilometers from the town of Lake Louise, where you can halt for accommodation and shopping.

Medicine Lake, Alberta: This lake is definitely an outstanding option for wildlife watchers and day trippers. In spite of the high altitude of the lake, there is plenty of wildlife that make the shores their home with mule deer, moose and bears.

Spotted Lake, British Columbia: Located in the desert city of Osoyoos this lake is created by a rich range of minerals. During summer, the water in the lake dissolves, leaving behind just the mineral deposits, which form the spots. Even more attractive is the fact that as the summer progresses, the spots change in size and location.

These are some of the splendid lakes in Canada. In order to book the flight tickets, do not forget to visit Allegiant Airlines Official Site as they offer exclusive Allegiant Airlines Deals and discounts so what are you looking for done your Allegiant Airlines Reservations now.

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